Ohioana Authors

e learn from an early age that literature reflects life—our dreams, our fears, our ability to love, and ultimately, we believe that literature has the ability to effect change. The literature we examine through Ohioana Authors is that which has sprung from the soil of Ohio and which is rooted in an author’s particular Ohio outlook.

Join us each week as The WOSU Stations, in partnership with the Ohioana Library, and with support from the Ohio Humanities Council and We The People, present 52 radio features celebrating Ohio’s rich literary and historical heritage and Ohio’s contribution to American culture through the written word. The Web site covers bibliographic information, the Ohio connection, the works of each authors, and various other Web-only contributions. Together, the series is as stimulating, exciting, challenging, and diverse as Ohio's literary and historical heritage. Ohioana Authors reflect the multicultural diversity throughout Ohio's history and the unique voices that have made the Ohio experience at once particular and universal.

Attention all teachers! Thanks to the kind folks at Instructional Technology Services of Central Ohio, Inc. (ITSCO), a state funded, nonprofit corporation, we now have posted the Ohioana Authors Curriculum to provide high school English/Language Arts teachers with standards-based lesson plans and resources to use in classroom studies of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama, science fiction and children's literature. Your lessons can be greatly enriched by using them in conjunction with a study of the Ohioana Authors web site.

Below is our schedule as it unfolds. You can navigate through Ohioana Authors by clicking on a particular author's name found on the schedule. Each author has pages dedicated to his or her work, and on each opening page, you can access the NPR 820 radio feature which is posted after it airs.