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“I think it cannot be denied that for one to become a good writer, one must first become a good reader of a very wide scope of books." -- Allan Eckert
(from the website of The Ohio Reading Road Trip)

A resident of Bellefontaine, Ohio, 74-year old Allan Eckert has won distinction as a historian, naturalist, novelist, poet, screenwriter and playwright.  His 1967 historical novel, The Frontiersmen, was adapted to the popular outdoor drama, TECUMSEH, which will end its 33rd season next month in Chillicothe. What’s more, Eckert has been nominated on seven separate occasions for the Pulitzer Prize in Literature.

In his signature style, Eckert produces work that weaves narratives rich in historical and scientific content. “His Winning of America Series,” introduced by The Frontiersmen, is perhaps the best known collection in which Eckert employs this style.

Though he has no college degree, the noted Ohioan has received honorary doctorates and therefore goes by Dr. Eckert in his official biographical web site.

In recent years, Eckert has turned his attention to writing on children’s fantasy and adventure; two forthcoming books will finish the series, The Mesmerian Annals.

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CD Title: Music from the Motion Picture The Education of Little Tree
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Song: “ She’s Comin’ Alive”
Label and Year: Sony Classical 1998

CD Title: Moviola II: Action and Adventure
Composer: John Barry
Song: “ Dances With Wolves Suite, Pawnee Attack Part I and II”
Label and Year: Epic 1995

Excerpt read by: John Kuhn, Department of Theatre, The Ohio State University

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