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The Works of Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.

“I should have written more books,” responded Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr., when asked to name his biggest regret in an interview with the New York Times Book Review.


The Age of Jackson by Arthur Schlesinger
A Thousand Days by Arthur Schlesinger
The Cycles of American History by Arthur Schlesinger
The Disuniting of America by Arthur Schlesinger
Liberal Persuasion by Arthur Schlesinger


Contributor to Four Portraits and One Subject: Bernard De Voto, Houghton, 1963. Also author of television screenplay, The Journey of Robert F. Kennedy. Author of pamphlets on political subjects. Author of introduction for "World Leaders Past Present" series, fifty-six volumes, and "Know Your Government" series, for Chelsea House.

Movie reviewer for Show, 1962-64, Vogue, 1966-72, and Saturday Review, 1977-80; member of jury, Cannes Film Festival, 1964.

Contributor to magazines and to newspapers, including Wall Street Journal.

Schlesinger's papers are collected in the John F. Kennedy Library in Boston, Massachusetts.

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