Kay Boyle

The Ohio Connection

“It was in Cincinnati that, walking home one afternoon after a violin lesson, the grass and the trees and the flowering bushes of Eden Park seemed to turn liquid all around me and the brilliant sun above seemed to threaten me with its heartless blazing.”
—Kay Boyle, upon accepting the 1989 Ohioana Book Award

        • Boyle and her family moved to Cincinnati in 1916. Her father, Howard Peterson Boyle, was a lawyer/businessman. He opened a garage after moving to Cincinnati.
        • Her mother, Katherine Evans Boyle, ran for a seat on the Cincinnati school board on the Farmer-Labor ticket in 1919.
        • Though she didn’t receive a degree, Kay Boyle studied violin at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music and architecture at the Ohio Mechanics Institute.
        • Served as writer and lecturer in residence at Bowling Green State University in 1986.

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