Kay Boyle

The Works of Kay Boyle


    • Plagued by the Nightingale, Cape & Smith, 1931; new edition, Southern Illinois University Press (Carbondale, IL), 1969; with new introduction by the author, Virago (New York, NY), 1981
    • Year before Last, H. Smith, 1932; new edition, Southern Illinois University Press (Carbondale, IL), 1969
    • Gentlemen, I Address You Privately, Smith & Haas, 1933
    • My Next Bride, Harcourt (New York, NY), 1934; with new introduction by Doris Grumbach, Virago (New York, NY), 1986
    • Death of a Man, Harcourt (New York, NY), 1936
    • Monday Night, Harcourt (New York, NY), 1938; reprinted, P. P. Appel (Mt. Vernon, NY), 1977
    • The Crazy Hunter: Three Short Novels (also see below; includes The Crazy Hunter, The Bridegroom’s Body, and Big Fiddle), Harcourt (New York, NY), 1940; published as The Crazy Hunter and Other Stories, Faber (London, England), 1940; with introduction by Margaret Atwood, Penguin (New York, NY), 1982
    • Primer for Combat, Simon & Schuster (New York, NY), 1942
    • Avalanche, Simon & Schuster (New York, NY), 1944
  • A Frenchman Must Die, Simon & Schuster (New York, NY), 1946
  • 1939, Simon & Schuster (New York, NY), 1948
  • His Human Majesty, Whittlesey House, 1949
  • The Seagull on the Step, Knopf (New York, NY), 1955
  • Three Short Novels (includes The Crazy Hunter, The Bridegroom’s Body, and Decision), Beacon (London, England), 1958
  • Generation without Farewell, Knopf (New York, NY), 1960
  • The Underground Woman, Doubleday (New York, NY), 1975
  • Winter Night, Creative Education (Mankato, MN), 1993
  • Process, University of Illinois Press (Urbana, IL), 2001

Short Stories

  • Short Stories, Black Sun (Paris, France), 1929
  • Wedding Day and Other Stories, Cape & Smith, 1930, reprinted, Books for Libraries Press, 1972
  • The First Lover and Other Stories, Random House (New York, NY), 1933
  • The White Horses of Vienna and Other Stories, Harcourt (New York, NY), 1936
  • Thirty Stories, Simon & Schuster (New York, NY), 1946
  • The Smoking Mountain: Stories of Post-War Germany, McGraw (New York, NY), 1951
  • Nothing Ever Breaks except the Heart, Doubleday (New York, NY), 1966
  • Fifty Stories, Doubleday (New York, NY), 1980
  • Life Being the Best and Other Stories, New Directions (New York, NY), 1988


  • A Statement, Modern Editions Press (New York, NY), 1932
  • A Glad Day, New Directions (New York, NY), 1938
  • American Citizen: Naturalized in Leadville, Colorado (long poem), Simon & Schuster (New York, NY), 1944
  • The Lost Dogs of Phnom Pehn, Two Windows (Berkeley, CA), 1968
  • Testament for My Students and Other Poems, Doubleday (New York, NY), 1970
  • A Poem for February First 1975, Quercus Press (Waltham, MA), 1975
  • Collected Poems of Kay Boyle, Copper Canyon Press (Port Townsend, WA), 1995


  • The Youngest Camel, Little, Brown (Boston, MA), 1939; revised edition published as The Youngest Camel: Reconsidered and Rewritten, Harper (New York, NY), 1959
  • Pinky, the Cat Who Liked to Sleep, Crowell-Collier (New York, NY), 1966
  • Pinky in Persia, Crowell-Collier (New York, NY), 1968


  • Breaking the Silence: Why a Mother Tells Her Son about the Nazi Era (pamphlet), Institute of Human Relations Press (New York, NY), 1962
  • The Long Walk at San Francisco State and Other Essays, Grove (New York, NY), 1970
  • (With others) Four Visions of America, Capra (Santa Barbara, CA), 1977
  • Words That Must Somehow Be Said: Selected Essays of Kay Boyle, 1927-1984, North Point Press (Berkeley, CA), 1985

Translated From French

  • Joseph Delteil, Don Juan, Cape & Smith, 1931
  • Rene Crevel, Mr. Knife Miss Fork, Black Sun (Paris, France), 1931
  • Raymond Radiguet, Devil in the Flesh, H. Smith, 1932
  • (And author of afterword) Crevel, Babylon, North Point Press (Berkeley, CA), 1985


  • Ernest Walsh, Poems and Sonnets, Harcourt (New York, NY), 1934
  • (With former husband Laurence Vail and Nina Conarain) 365 Days, Harcourt (New York, NY), 1936
  • The Autobiography of Emanuel Carnevali, Horizon Press (New York, NY), 1967
  • (And contributor of supplementary chapters) Robert McAlmon, Being Geniuses Together 1920-1930 (memoirs), Doubleday (New York, NY), 1968, revised edition with new afterword by Boyle, North Point Press (Berkeley, CA), 1984
  • (With Justine Van Gundy) Enough of Dying! Voices for Peace, Laurel, 1972


  • (Ghostwriter) Gladys Palmer Brooke, Relations and Complications: Being the Recollections of H. H. the Dayang Muda of Sarawak, Lane, 1929
  • (Ghostwriter) Bettina Bedwell, Yellow Dusk, Hurst & Blackett, 1937
  • (Author of foreword) Herbert Kubly, At Large, Gollancz, 1963, Doubleday (New York, NY), 1964
  • (Author of afterword) Robert McAlmon, A Hasty Bunch, Southern Illinois University Press (Carbondale, IL), 1977

Contributor to anthologies, including numerous volumes of Best American Short Stories, edited by Edward O’Brien. On staff of Broom magazine, 1922. Regular contributor to transition, Saturday Evening Post, Harper’s, and Nation.

Media AdaptationsThe Crazy Hunter was adapted for television by Desilu Productions, 1958; the short story “The Ballet of Central Park” was adapted and filmed as a short subject in 1972; the short story “Maiden, Maiden” was made into a full-length feature film by Highland Films, 1980.

Source: Contemporary Authors Online, Gale, 2004

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