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From the 1983 New York Times Book Review:
For the 16th time, in its annual Christmas issue, The Book Review has chosen what it considers the best books reviewed in its pages during the previous year.

During The Reign Of The Queen Of Persia By Joan Chase. Harper & Row.
The queen of this novel’s title is Gram, an intractable old tyrant who has cursed and battled through a difficult life in rural Ohio and won her way to the promised land of bingo games and movie matinees and who rules her household of women—daughters and granddaughters— with a hard and knobby hand and a tongue like a rasp. ‘During the Reign of the Queen of Persia is a Norman Rockwell painting gone bad, the underside of the idyllic hometown, main-street, down-on-the-farm dream of Middle America. This first novel takes its place with other important contemporary fictions depicting the condition of the American woman.

Society of Midland Authors Award
Each year since its inception in 1915, the Society has presented awards for excellence to authors and poets. Currently the Society presents awards of cash and recognition plaques to winners in the categories of adult fiction and nonfiction, biography, poetry, and children’s fiction and nonfiction published in the previous year. Winners also receive a year’s paid membership in the SMA. The juried competition is open to authors and poets who reside in the 12–state Midwestern Heartland.

1984-85: Adult Fiction – Morris Phillipson, Secret Understandings, and Joan Chase, During the Reign of the Queen of Persia.

PEN’s Ernest Hemingway Award
The PEN Hemingway Award of $7,500 is presented to an American author who has not previously published a book of fiction. The late Mary Hemingway, a member of PEN, founded the award in 1976 both to honor the memory of her husband Ernest Hemingway and to recognize distinguished first books of fiction. The award is funded by the Ernest Hemingway Foundation, which has been administered by the Hemingway Society since 1987. The winner is selected by a panel of three PEN judges. Previous recipients of the PEN/Hemingway include Renata Adler, Marilynne Robinson, Bobbie Ann Mason, Josephine Humphreys, Mark Richard, Louis Begley, Susan Power, Ha Jin, Charlotte Bacon, Rosina Lippi, Jhumpa Lahiri, Akhil Sharma, Justin Cronin and Jennifer Haigh.

Janet Heidinger Kafka Prize
Since 1976, the Susan B. Anthony Institute for Gender and Women’s Studies and the Department of English at the University of Rochester have awarded the Janet Heidinger Kafka Prize for fiction by an American woman. The idea for the prize came out of the personal grief of the friends and family of a fine young editor who was killed in an automobile accident just as her career was beginning to achieve its promise of excellence. She was 30 years old, and those who knew her believed she would do much to further the causes of literature and women. Her family, her friends, and her professional associates in the publishing industry created the endowment from which the prize is bestowed, in memory of Janet Heidinger Kafka and the literary standards and personal ideals for which she stood.

Whiting Writer’s Award
Since 1985, the Foundation has supported creative writing through the Whiting Writers Awards which are given annually to 10 emerging writers in fiction, nonfiction, poetry and plays. The awards, of $35,000 each, are based on accomplishment and promise. Candidates are proposed by nominators from across the country whose experience and vocations bring them in contact with individuals of extraordinary talent. Winners are chosen by a selection committee, a small group of recognized writers, literary scholars, and editors, appointed annually by the Foundation. Both nominators and selectors serve anonymously. The Foundation does not accept applications to the Writers’ Program.

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