Jennifer Crusie

The Ohio Connection

  • Jenny Crusie was born Jennifer Smith in 1949, in Wapakoneta, Ohio.
  • She graduated from Wapakoneta High School.
  • Jenny completed her bachelor’s degree in Art Education at Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio in 1973.
  • She taught pre-school in Dayton, Ohio, until her daughter Mollie was born.
  • Crusie also taught in Beavercreek, Ohio public schools: as an elementary and junior high school art teacher, and a high school English teacher.
  • Jenny completed a Master’s Degree in Professional Writing and Women’s Literature at Wright State University.
  • She completed an MFA in Fiction (and began a PhD.) at The Ohio State University in Columbus.
  • Crusie was an undergraduate and graduate instructor at Antioch University, Wright State University and Ohio State University.
  • She sets many of her best-selling romance novels in Ohio:
    • Tell Me Lies takes place in the small town of Frog Point, Ohio, where wife and mother Maddie is in a troubled marriage with Brent, who is running for mayor.
    • Crazy for You is set in Tibet, Ohio.
    • In Welcome to Temptation, Sophie Dempsey, who runs a wedding video business in Cincinnati, travels to Temptation, Ohio, to help an old friend Clea, a former porn star and aspiring actress.

Jenny Crusie continues to live on the banks of an Ohio river.

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