Ann Hagedorn

The Works of Ann Hagedorn

Wild Ride: The Rise and Tragic Fall of Calumet Farm, Inc. (1994). A story of greed in the 1980s told through the saga of America’s premier horseracing dynasty, the investigative piece was inspired by two federal investigations—one resulting in three trials and for convictions. The book was optioned by Universal Pictures in 2003.

Ransom: The Untold Story of International Kidnapping. (1998). An unprecedented journey through two years of global kidnappings, with a narrative focus on a 1995 incident I Kashmir involving a Spokane doctor and others kidnapped by terrorists trained in Afghanistan.

Beyond the River: The Untold Story of the Heroes of the Underground Railroad. (2003). A resurrection of the major players of the underground movement in the Ohio Valley where the war before the war was fought between abolitionists and slave catchers on each side of the river.

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