Karen Harper

Karen Harper is the acclaimed author most noted for her historical mystery novels, with a young Queen Elizabeth I as their central character. But before she reached this genre, she was a high school English teacher in Columbus, Ohio. She then wrote paperback romance novels—passionate tales with titles such as Island Ecstasy, Passion’s Reign, and One Fervent Fire. Today, her love lies in the area of history, and history—particularly the British type—inspires her Elizabethan mysteries. She writes contemporary suspense novels as well, and her Midwestern roots inform those novels, some of which are based in Amish Ohio.

“It is the power of people’s relationships that most interest me,” says Karen, “the myriad complications of family ties, the bonds between friends, and the many ramifications of romantic love. Whenever and wherever my characters live, I find such relationships universal, and therefore, appealing to modern readers.”

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