John Jakes

The Works of John Jakes

  • The Texans Ride North: The Story of the Cattle Trails (for children), John C. Winston, 1952.
  • Wear a Fast Gun, Arcadia House, 1956.
  • A Night for Treason, Bouregy & Curl, 1956
  • (Under pseudonym Alan Payne) Murder, He Says, Ace Books, 1958.
  • (Under pseudonym Alan Payne) This Will Slay You, Ace Books, 1958.
  • The Devil Has Four Faces, Bouregy, 1959.
  • Johnny Havoc, Belmont Books, 1960.
  • (Under pseudonym William Ard) Make Mine Mavis, Monarch, 1961.
  • (Under pseudonym William Ard) And So to Bed, Monarch, 1962.
  • (Under pseudonym William Ard) Give Me This Woman, Monarch, 1962.
  • Johnny Havoc Meets Zelda, Belmont Books, 1962, published as Havoc for Sale, Armchair Detective Library, 1990.
  • Johnny Havoc and the Doll Who Had “It”, Belmont Books, 1963, published as Holiday for Havoc, Armchair Detective Library, 1991.
  • G.I. Girls, Monarch, 1963.
  • Tiros: Weather Eye in Space, Messner, 1966.
  • When the Star Kings Die, Ace Books, 1967.
  • Great War Correspondents, Putnam, 1967.
  • Famous Firsts in Sports, Putnam, 1967.
  • Making It Big, Belmont Books, 1968, published as Johnny Havoc and the Siren in Red, Armchair Detective Library, 1991.
  • Great Women Reporters, Putnam, 1969.
  • Tonight We Steal the Stars (bound with The Wagered World by Laurence M. Janifer and S. J. Treibich), Ace Books, 1969.
  • The Hybrid, Paperback Library, 1969.
  • The Last Magicians, Signet, 1969.
  • Secrets of Stardeep, Westminster, 1969, published with Time Gate (also see below), New American Library, 1982.
  • The Planet Wizard, Ace Books, 1969.
  • The Asylum World, Paperback Library, 1969.
  • Mohawk: The Life of Joseph Brant, Crowell, 1969.
  • Black in Time, Paperback Library, 1970.
  • Six-Gun Planet, Paperback Library, 1970.
  • Mask of Chaos (bound with The Star Virus by Barrington T. Bayler), Ace Books, 1970.
  • Monte Cristo 99, Modern Library, 1970.
  • Master of the Dark Gate, Lancer Books, 1970.
  • Conquest of the Planet of the Apes (novelization of film of the same title), Award Books, 1972.
  • Time Gate, Westminster, 1972.
  • Witch of the Dark Gate, Lancer Books, 1972.
  • Mention My Name in Atlantis: Being, at Last, the True Account of the Calamitous Destruction of the Great Island Kingdom, Together with a Narrative of Its Wondrous Intercourses with a Superior Race of Other-Worldlings, as Transcribed from the Ms. of a Survivor, Hoptor the Vintner, for the Enlightenment of a Dubious Posterity, DAW Books, 1972.
  • On Wheels, Paperback Library, 1973.
  • The Best of John Jakes (science fiction), edited by Martin H. Greenberg and Joseph D. Olander, DAW Books, 1977.
  • The Bastard Photostory, Jove, 1980.
  • Susanna of the Alamo: A True Story (juvenile), Harcourt, 1986.
  • California Gold, Random House, 1989.
  • The Best Western Stories of John Jakes, edited by Martin Greenberg and Bill Pronzini, Ohio University Press, 1991.
  • Homeland, Doubleday, 1993.
  • In the Big Country: The Best Western Stories of John Jakes, G. K. Hall, 1993.
  • John Jakes’ Mullkon Empire, Tekno Comix, 1995.
  • Great Stories of the American West, large print edition, G. K. Hall, 1995.
  • American Dreams, Dutton, 1998.
  • (Editor) A Century of Great Western Stories, Forge, 2000.
  • On Secret Service (novel), Dutton, 2000.
  • The Bold Frontier, Signet, 2001.
  • Crime Time: Mystery and Suspense Stories, Five Star, 2001.
  • Charleston, Dutton, 2002.


  • Brak the Barbarian, Avon, 1968.
  • Brak the Barbarian versus the Sorceress, Paperback Library, 1969.
  • Brak versus the Mark of the Demons, Paperback Library, 1969.
  • Brak: When the Idols Walked, Pocket Books, 1978.
  • Fortunes of Brak, Dell, 1980.


  • The Bastard (also see below), Pyramid, 1974, published in two volumes, Volume 1: Fortune’s Whirlwind, Volume 2: To an Unknown Shore, Corgi, 1975.
  • The Rebels (also see below), Pyramid, 1975.
  • The Seekers (also see below), Pyramid, 1975.
  • The Titans, Pyramid, 1976.
  • The Furies (also see below), Pyramid, 1976.
  • The Patriots (contains The Bastard and The Rebels), Landfall Press, 1976.
  • The Pioneers (contains The Seekers and The Furies), Landfall Press, 1976.
  • The Warriors, Pyramid, 1977.
  • The Lawless, Jove, 1978.
  • The Americans, Jove, 1980.


  • North and South, Harcourt, 1982.
  • Love and War, Harcourt, 1984.
  • Heaven and Hell, Harcourt, 1988.


  • (Author of lyrics) Dracula, Baby (musical comedy), Dramatic, 1970.
  • (Author of book and lyrics) Wind in the Willows (musical comedy), Performance, 1972.
  • A Spell of Evil (three-act melodrama), Performance, 1972.
  • Violence (two one-acts), Performance, 1972.
  • Stranger with Roses (one-act), Dramatic, 1972.
  • For I Am a Jealous People (adaptation of the story by Lester del Rey), Performance Publishing, 1972.
  • (Author of book and lyrics) Gaslight Girl (musical), Dramatic, 1973.
  • (Author of book and lyrics) Pardon Me, Is This Planet Taken? (musical), Dramatic, 1973.
  • (Author of book and lyrics) Doctor, Doctor! (musical), McAfee Music, 1973.
  • (Author of book and lyrics) Shepherd Song (musical), McAfee Music, 1974.
  • (Adapter) Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol, Dramatic, 1997.
  • (Author of book and lyrics) Great Expectations (musical), produced by Arts Center of Coastal Carolina, 1999, National Alliance for Musical Theatre Festival, 2001.


  • The Seventh Man, Bouregy, 1958, published under name John Jakes, Pinnacle, 1981.
  • I, Barbarian, Avon, 1959, published under name John Jakes, Pinnacle, 1979.
  • Strike the Black Flag, Ace Books, 1961.
  • Sir Scoundrel, Ace Books, 1962.
  • Veils of Salome, Avon, 1962, published under name John Jakes as King’s Crusader, Pinnacle, 1976.
  • Arena, Ace Books, 1963.
  • Traitors’ Legion, Ace Books, 1963, published under name John Jakes as The Man from Cannae, Pinnacle, 1977.


  • (Editor with Martin Harry Greenberg) New Trails: Twenty-three Original Stories of the West from Western Writers of America, Doubleday, 1994.
  • (Editor) A Century of Great Western Stories, Doherty/Forge, 2000.
  • Contributor of short stories to magazines. Jakes’s manuscripts are housed at the University of Wyoming, DePauw University, and the John Jakes Archive, Thomas Cooper Library, University of South Carolina, Columbia.

Media Adaptations: The Bastard, The Rebels, and The Seekers were adapted for television by Operation Prime Time and Universal Studios; North and South was filmed for television by ABC, 1985; Love and War was filmed for television by ABC, 1986; Heaven and Hell was filmed for television by ABC, 1995.

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