Jerome Lawrence & Robert Lee

The Ohio Connection

Jerome Lawrence

  • Born in Cleveland, July 14, 1915
  • Graduated from Ohio State University (1937)
  • Writer, director and announcer, WOSU radio
  • Reporter and editor, Wilmington News-Journal and New Lexington Daily News

Robert E. Lee

  • Born in Elyria, October 15, 1918
  • Majored in astronomy at Ohio Wesleyan University (1935-37)
  • Observer and technician, Perkins Observatory, Delaware, Ohio
  • Part-time announcer, WHKC, WOSU and WCOL radio
  • Director, WHK–WCLE radio, Cleveland (1937-38)
  • Attended Case Western Reserve University (1938)

The pair’s popular play, The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail, premiered in 1970 at The Ohio State University as the Centennial Play for the American Playwrights Theatre.

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