Jack Matthews

The Works of Jack Matthews


  • Hanger Stout, Awake! Harcourt, 1967
  • Beyond the Bridge, Harcourt, 1970
  • The Tale of Asa Bean, Harcourt, 1971
  • The Charisma Campaigns, Harcourt, 1972
  • Pictures of the Journey Back, Harcourt, 1973
  • Sassafras, Houghton Mifflin, 1983


  • Bitter Knowledge, Scribner, 1964
  • Tales of the Ohio Land, Ohio Historical Society, 1978
  • Dubious Persuasions, Johns Hopkins University Press, 1981
  • Crazy Women: Short Stories, Johns Hopkins University Press, 1985
  • Ghostly Populations: Short Stories, Johns Hopkins University Press, 1986
  • Dirty Tricks: Short Stories, Johns Hopkins University Press, 1990
  • Storyhood as We know it and Other Tales, Johns Hopkins University Press, 1993


  • Collecting Rare Books for Pleasure and Profit, Putnam, 1977
  • Booking in the Heartland (essays), Johns Hopkins University Press, 1986
  • Memoirs of a Bookman (essays), Ohio University Press, 1990
  • Booking Pleasures, Ohio University Press, 1996
  • Reading Matter: A Rabid Bibliophile’s Adventures among Old and Rare Books, Oak Knoll Press, 2000
  • Book Collecting and the Search for Reality (essay), privately printed by Library Associates of Wichita State University, 1972


  • An Almanac for Twilight (poems), University of North Carolina Press, 1966


  • “On the Shore of that Beautiful Shore,” The Dramatic Publishing Company, 1991
  • “An Interview with the Sphinx,” The Dramatic Publishing Company, 1992


  • In a Theatre of Buildings (story), Ox Head, 1970
  • Private Landscapes (poems), Duane Schneider Press, 1975


  • With Elaine Hemley, The Writer’s Signature: Idea in Story and Essay (textbook), Scott, Foresman, 1972
  • Archetypal Themes in the Modern Story, St. Martin’s Press, 1973
  • Rare Book Lore: Selections from the Letters of Ernest J. Wessen, Ohio University Press, 1992
  • Belden, The White Chief, 1974

Other: Contributor to anthologies, including Best Poems of 1965, Pacific Books, 1966; Short Stories from the Little Magazines, Scott, Foresman, 1970; The Best American Short Stories, 1970 and 1975; Prize Stories 1972: The O. Henry Awards, Doubleday, 1972, and Prize Stories 1981: The O. Henry Awards, 1981; contributor of more than 200 articles, reviews, poems, and short stories to Yale Review, Sewanee Review, Georgia Review, Southern Review, Epoch, Today, College English, Commonweal, Tamesis, Southern Humanities Review, Nation, and numerous other periodicals; author of introduction to Belden, the White Chief, James S. Brisbin, editor, Ohio University Press, 1974; Schopenhauer’s Will, published in Czech by H&H Publishers, Prague, 2002.

Source: Contemporary Authors Online, Thomson Gale, 2005.

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