Robert McCloskey

The Works of Robert McCloskey

Authored and Illustrated

    • Lentil, Viking, 1940.
    • Make Way for Ducklings, Viking, 1941.
    • Homer Price, Viking, 1943.
    • Blueberries for Sal, Viking, 1948.
    • Centerburg Tales, Viking, 1951.
    • One Morning in Maine, Viking, 1952.
    • Time of Wonder, Viking, 1957.
    • Burt Dow, Deep-Water Man: A Tale of the Sea in the Classic Tradition, Viking, 1963.


    • Anne Burnett Malcolmson, Yankee Doodle’s Cousins, Houghton, 1941.
    • Robert Hobart Davis, Tree Toad, Stokes, 1942.
    • Claire Huchet Bishop, The Man Who Lost His Head, Viking, 1942.
    • Tom Robinson, Trigger John’s Son, Viking, 1949.
    • Ruth Sawyer, Journey Cake, Ho!, Viking, 1953.
    • Anne H. White, Junket, Viking, 1955.
    • Keith Robertson, Henry Reed, Inc., Viking, 1958.
    • Robertson, Henry Reed’s Journey, Viking, 1963.
    • Robertson, Henry Reed’s Baby-Sitting Service, Viking, 1966.
    • Robertson, Henry Reed’s Big Show, Viking, 1970.

Media Adaptations

    • Filmed versions of Make Way for Ducklings, 1955, Lentil, 1957, Time of Wonder, 1961, The Doughnuts (based on Homer Price), 1963, Blueberries for Sal, 1967, The Case of the Cosmic Comic (based on Homer Price), 1976; and Burt Dow: Deep-Water Man, 1983.  All by Weston Woods.
    • One Morning in Maine was made into a filmstrip and cassette with teacher’s guide, Viking, 1979.
    • A film version of Homer Price was produced by Miller Brody.

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