Toni Morrison

The Works of Toni Morrison


  • The Bluest Eye, Holt, 1969, reprinted, Plume, 1994.
  • Sula, Knopf, 1973.
  • Song of Solomon, Knopf, 1977.
  • Tar Baby, Knopf, 1981.
  • Dreaming Emmett (play), first produced in Albany, NY, January 4, 1986.
  • Beloved, Knopf, 1987.
  • Jazz, Knopf, 1992.
  • Playing in the Dark: Whiteness and the Literary Imagination, Harvard University Press, 1992.
  • The Dancing Mind (text of Nobel Prize acceptance speech), Knopf, 1996.
  • Paradise, Knopf, 1998.
  • Love, Knopf, 2003.


  • The Big Box, illustrated by Giselle Potter, Hyperion/Jump at the Sun, 1999.
  • The Book of Mean People, illustrated by Pascal Lemaître, Hyperion, 2002.
  • The Book of Mean People Journal, illustrated by Pascal Lemaître, Hyperion, 2002.
  • The Lion or the Mouse? (“Who’s Got Game?” series), illustrated by Pascal Lemaître, Scribner, 2003.
  • The Ant or the Grasshopper? (“Who’s Got Game?” series), illustrated by Pascal Lemaître, Scribner, 2003.
  • The Poppy or the Snake? (“Who’s Got Game?” series), illustrated by Pascal Lemaître, Scribner, 2004.


  • André Previn, Four Songs for Soprano, Cello, and Piano, Chester Music, 1995.
  • Richard Danielpour, Spirits in the Well: For Voice and Piano, Associated Music Publishers, 1998.
  • André Previn’s Honey and Rue, commissioned by Carnegie Hall, 1992
  • Richard Danielpour’s Sweet Talk: Four Songs, 1996.
  • Margaret Garner premiered in 2005, an opera composed by Richard Danielpour, based on story that inspired Beloved.


  • Remember: The Journey to School Integration (for children), Houghton Mifflin, 2004.

Contributor of essays and reviews to numerous periodicals, including New York Times Magazine. Contributor to Arguing Immigration: The Debate over the Changing Face of America, edited by Nicolaus Mills, Simon & Schuster, 1994.

Works in Progress:  Forthcoming books in the “Who’s Got Game” series.

Media Adaptations:  Beloved was adapted to a 1998 film of the same title, starring Oprah Winfrey, Danny Glover, Thandie Newton, and Kimberly Elise, and was directed by Jonathan Demme. Morrison books, including Jazz, Beloved, Tar Baby, Paradise, Song of Solomon and The Bluest Eye, have been adapted to audio cassette.

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