O. Henry (William Sydney Porter)

The Works of O. Henry

  • Cabbages and Kings (novel), McClure, 1904.
  • The Four Million (includes The Gift of the Magi), McClure, 1906.
  • The Trimmed Lamp, and Other Stories of the Four Million (includes Brickdust Row, The Guilty Party, The Last Leaf, The Lost Blend, The Making of a New Yorker, and The Trimmed Lamp), McClure, 1907.
  • Heart of the West (includes An Afternoon Miracle, Hearts and Crosses, Hygeia at Solito, and The Princess and the Puma), McClure, 1907.
  • The Voice of the City: Further Stories of the Four Million, McClure, 1908.
  • The Gentle Grafter, McClure, 1908.
  • Roads of Destiny (includes Friends in San Rosario, The Halberdier of Little Rheinschloss, A Retrieved Reformation, and Whistling Dick’s Christmas Stocking), Doubleday, 1909.
  • Options (includes He Also Serves and Supply and Demand), Harper, 1909.
  • Strictly Business: More Stories of the Four Million (includes Past One at Rooney’s), Doubleday, 1910.
  • Whirligigs (includes The Ransom of Red Chief), Doubleday, 1910.
  • Let Me Feel Your Pulse, Doubleday, 1910.
  • Sixes and Sevens, Doubleday, 1911.
  • (And illustrator) Rolling Stones (includes The Marquis and Miss Sally and An Unfinished Christmas Story), Doubleday, 1912.
  • Waifs and Strays, Doubleday, 1917.
  • O. Henryana, Doubleday, 1920.
  • Postscripts (stories first published in Houston Daily Post ), edited by Florence Stratton, Harper, 1923.
  • (And illustrator) O. Henry Encore, Upshaw, 1936.
  • The Gift of the Magi, illustrated by Carol Hayer, Ideals Children’s Books, 1994.
  • O. Henry’s Texas Tales, Still Point, 1986.

Also author of Seven Odds and Ends, Poetry and Short Stories, 1920. Author of “Money Maze.” Contributor to periodicals, including McClure’s and New York World.

Omnibus Volumes

  • The Complete Writings of O. Henry, fourteen volumes, Doubleday, 1917.
  • The Ransom of Red Chief, and Other O. Henry Stories for Boys, edited by Franklin K. Mathiews, Doubleday, 1918.
  • The Biographical Edition, eighteen volumes, Doubleday, 1929.
  • The Best Short Stories of O. Henry, edited by Bennett A. Cerf and Van H. Cartmell, Modern Library, 1945.
  • O. Henry’s Cops and Robbers: O. Henry’s Best Detective and Crime Stories, edited by Ellery Queen, L. E. Spivak, 1948.
  • The Complete Works of O. Henry, two volumes, Doubleday, 1953.
  • The Stories of O. Henry, edited by Harry Hansen, Heritage Press, 1965.
  • Surprises: Twenty Stories by O. Henry, edited by Richard Corbin and Ned E. Hoopes, Dell, 1966.
  • O. Henry Stories: The American Scene as Depicted by the Master of Short Stories, Platt & Munk, 1969.
  • O. Henry Selected Stories, Franklin Library, 1978.
  • Collected Stories of O. Henry, edited by Paul J. Horowitz, Avenel Books, 1979.
  • The Ransom of Red Chief and Other Stories by O. Henry, Gramercy Books, 1995.


  • Letters to Lithopolis (letters written to Mabel Wagnalls), Doubleday, 1922.
  • “The Miracle of Lava Canyon,”  (short story) 1897.
  • Co-author with Franklin P. Adams, “Lo!,” a play first produced in Illinois in 1909.

Stories adapted to film: “The Texan,” 1930, “The Return of the Cisco Kid,” 1939, “The Gay Caballero,” 1940, “The Girl From San Lorenzo,” 1950, and “Hideout,” 1949. “O. Henry’s Full House,” a collection of movies based on Porter’s stories and released by Twentieth Century Fox in 1952, included “The Cop and the Anthem,” “The Ransom of Red Chief,” and “The Gift of the Magi.”

Play adaptations: “Alias Jimmy Valentine,” based on “A Retrieved Reformation,” adapted by Paul Armstrong and produced in New York City in 1909, and “The Gift of the Magi” and “The Ransom of Red Chief,” both adapted by Anne Coulter Martens. “Gifts of the Magi,” a musical based on several Porter stories, was produced in New York City at the Lamb’s Theater in 1985.

Adapted for television and radio: O. Henry stories recorded on audio cassette include “The Gift of the Magi” and “The Last Leaf,” released by Miller-Brody Productions.

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