Mary Orr

The Works of Mary Orr


  • Diamond in the Sky (novel), Crown, 1956.
  • A Place to Meet (novel), Bobbs-Merrill, 1961.
  • (With husband, Reginald Denham) Footlights and Feathers: A Logbook of a Theatrical Tour Down Under, Pageant Press, 1967.
  • The Tejera Secrets (novel), Dial, 1974.
  • Rich Girl, Poor Girl (novel), Dial, 1975.

Plays—with Reginald Denham, except as indicated:

  • Wallflower (three-act; first produced on Broadway at Cort Theatre, January 26, 1944), Dramatists Play Service, 1944.
  • Dark Hammock (three-act; first produced on Broadway at Forrest Theatre, December 11, 1944), Dramatists Play Service, 1946.
  • Round Trip, first produced on Broadway at Biltmore Theatre, May 29, 1945.
  • The Platinum Set, first produced on the West End at Saville Theatre, March 30, 1950.
  • Sweet Peril, produced on West End at St. James’ Theatre, December 3, 1952.
  • Be Your Age (three-act; first produced on Broadway at Forth-Eighth Street Theatre, January 14, 1953), Dramatists Play Service, 1953.
  • (Sole author) Women Must Weep [and] Women Must Work (both one-acts), Dramatists Play Service, 1963.
  • The Wisdom of Eve (three-act), Dramatists Play Service, 1964.
  • Minor Murder (first produced on the West End at Savoy Theatre, July 26, 1967), Dramatists Play Service, 1967.
  • (Sole author) Grass Widows (first produced Off-Broadway at Stage 73, January, 1976), Dramatists Play Service, 1976.
  • (Sole author) Women Still Weep (one-act), Dramatists Play Service, 1980.
  • Dead Giveaway: A Play of Suspense, by Mary Orr, with Reginald Denham, Dramatists Play Service, 1982.
  • Roommates: A One Act Play, by Mary Orr, Dramatists Play Service, 1989.

Also author, with R. Denham, of about forty television scripts.

“Wallflower” was produced as a Warner Brother’s picture in 1949.

Contributor of short stories to popular magazines, including “The Wisdom of Eve” in Cosmopolitan in 1947, which was made into the Academy-Award winning film “All About Eve,” starring Bette Davis, in 1950. The 1971 Tony Award-winning musical, “Applause,” starring Lauren Bacall, was also inspired by the same story.

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