Michael J. Rosen

Michael J. Rosen has been the literary director of the Thurber House in Columbus since 1983. In addition to the fact that both men are writers from Columbus, James Thurber and Michael Rosen share many characteristics.

Like James Thurber, the legendary humor writer, Michael Rosen enjoys a literary laugh. Rosen edited Collecting Himself: James Thurber on Writing and Writers, Humor, and Himself. He’s also written numerous silly and charming children’s books of his own, and was interviewed for the 2001 book, How to Write Funny.

James Thurber was famous for his dog drawings. Michael Rosen is a dog-lover, and he illustrates many of his own books. His website, www.fidosophy.com, features a leaping dog and several dog biscuit recipes. Rosen illustrated his Kid’s Best Field Guide to Neighborhood Dogs (1993), and many other children’s books.

James Thurber’s house remains a center for artistic philanthropy, fostering reading and writing programs for young and rising authors. Like Thurber, Michael Rosen is generous with his writing and its proceeds. He appears at readings around Ohio, and teaches poetry and writing workshops to kids. Several of his anthologies benefit funds to care for animals and battle hunger worldwide.

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