Julie Salamon

Within the past decade, journalist and author Julie Salamon has won acclaim for her compelling and insightful works of nonfiction.  Born and raised in the Appalachian community of Seaman, Ohio, Salamon has written a series of award-winning titles, including Facing the Wind (2001), The Net of Dreams (1996), and, most recently, Rambam’s Ladder (2003).

Her byline appears frequently in The New York Times, where Salamon has been a culture writer and critic since 2000.  Before joining The Times, Salamon wrote movie reviews for the Wall Street Journal.  She is well known in literary circles for her creative writing talent, and has been published in magazines ranging from Bazaar, to Vanity Fair, to The New Yorker.

Over the holiday season, two of Salamon’s books remain especially popular. The Christmas Tree (1996) is a magical tale of a lonely orphan and the evergreen tree that becomes her friend.  Others have looked to Salamon’s most recent book, Rambam’s Ladder, to explore the meaning of giving. Named for the 12th century Jewish scholar, the book is a study of the Ladder of Charity, an eight-step program of giving devised by Rambam, also known as Maimonides.

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