Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.

Awards and Honors

  • Henry Fellow, Cambridge University, 1938-39
  • Harvard Fellow, 1939-42
  • Pulitzer Prize for history, 1946, for The Age of Jackson
  • Francis Parkman Prize, Society of American Historians, 1957, and Frederic Bancroft Prize, Columbia University, 1958, both for The Age of Roosevelt, Volume 1: The Crisis of the Old Order
  • Pulitzer Prize for biography, 1966, for A Thousand Days: John F. Kennedy in the White House
  • National Book Award, 1966, for A Thousand Days: John F. Kennedy in the White House, and 1979, for Robert Kennedy and His Times
  • Gold medal in history and biography, American Academy of Arts and Letters, 1967
  • Ohio Governor’s Award for history, 1973
  • Sidney Hillman Foundation Award, 1973, for The Imperial Presidency
  • Eugene V. Debs Award in education, 1974
  • Fregene Prize for literature, Italy, 1983
  • Ohioana Career Medal, awarded by the Ohioana Library Association, 1992
  • National Humanities Medal, 1998
  • Four Freedoms Award, 2003
  • Honorary degrees from many schools and universities, including New School for Social Research, 1966, Rutgers University, 1982, University of New Hampshire, 1985, Oxford University, 1987, Middlebury College, 1994, Harvard University, 2001

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