Rod Serling

The Works of Rod Serling


  • Stories from the Twilight Zone, 1960.
  • More Stories from the Twilight Zone, 1961.
  • New Stories from the Twilight Zone, 1962.
  • From the Twilight Zone, 1962.
  • Requiem for a Heavyweight: A Reading Version of the Dramatic Script, 1962.
  • Rod Serling’s The Twilight Zone, 1963.
  • (Ed.) Rod Serling’s Triple W: Witches, Warlocks, and Werewolves; A Collection, 1963.
  • Twilight Zone Revisited, 1964.
  • The Season to Be Wary (novellas; includes “The Escape Route,” “Color Scheme,” and “Eyes”), 1967.
  • (Ed. and introduction) Devils and Demons: A Collection, 1967.
  • Night Gallery, 1971.
  • Night Gallery 2, 1972.
  • Rod Serling’s Other Worlds, 1978.


  • Patterns: Four Television Plays with the Author’s Personal Commentaries (includes Patterns, The Rack, Requiem for a Heavyweight, and Old MacDonald Had a Curve), 1957.
  • Patterns: A Drama in Three Acts, 1959.
  • The Killing Season, produced on Broadway, 1968.


  • The Strike, United Artists, 1955.
  • Patterns, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), 1956.
  • The Rack, MGM, 1956.
  • (With Thomas Thompson) Saddle the Wind, MGM, 1958.
  • Incident in an Alley (based on Serling’s television drama Line of Duty), United Artists, 1962.
  • Requiem for a Heavyweight, Columbia, 1962.
  • The Yellow Canary (based on novel Evil Come, Evil Go, by Whit Masterson), Twentieth Century-Fox, 1963.
  • Seven Days in May (based on novel by Fletcher Knebel and Charles W. Bailey II), Paramount, 1964.
  • Assault on a Queen, Paramount, 1966.
  • (With Michael Wilson) Planet of the Apes (based on Monkey Planet, by Pierre Boulle), Twentieth Century-Fox, 1968.
  • (With brother, Robert J. Serling) The President’s Plane Is Missing (based on novel by Robert J. Serling), Commonwealth-United, 1969.
  • R.P.M., Columbia, 1969.
  • The Man (adapted from television drama; based on novel by Irving Wallace), Paramount, 1971.
  • A Time of Predators (based on novel by Joe Gores), Avco-Embassy, 1971.
  • The Salamander, ITC, 1982.
  • The Golden Age of Television: Patterns, PBS (United States), 1982.

Media Adaptations

  • Twilight Zone–The Movie (includes “Kick the Can,” “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet,” “It’s a Good Life,” and “A Quality of Mercy”; directed by Steven Spielberg, George Miller, Joe Dante, and John Landis), Warner Bros., 1983.
  • The Twilight Zone (sound recording series; includes “The Midnight Sun,” “The Mighty Casey,” and “Walking Distance”), 1992.
  • The Twilight Zone: Rod Serling’s Lost Classics (includes “The Theatre” and “Where the Dead Are”; directed by Robert Markowitz), CBS-TV, 1994.

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