Peter Taylor

The Works of Peter Taylor


  • A Woman of Means, Harcourt, 1950, reprinted, Picador, 1996.
  • A Summons to Memphis, Knopf, 1986.
  • In the Tennessee Country, Knopf, 1994.

Short Stories

  • A Long Fourth and Other Stories, introduction by Robert Penn Warren, Harcourt, 1948.
  • The Widows of Thornton (includes a play), Harcourt, 1954, reprinted, Louisiana State University Press, 1994.
  • Happy Families Are All Alike: A Collection of Stories, Astor Honor, 1959.
  • Miss Leonora When Last Seen and Fifteen Other Stories, Astor Honor, 1963.
  • The Collected Stories of Peter Taylor, Farrar, Straus, 1969.
  • In the Miro District and Other Stories, Knopf, 1977.
  • The Old Forest and Other Stories, Dial, 1985.
  • The Oracle at Stoneleigh Court, Knopf, 1993.

Contributor of stories to numerous anthologies, including The Best American Short Stories, edited by Martha Foley, Houghton, 1945-46, 1950, 1959, 1965, edited by Foley and David Burnett, 1960, 1961; Prize Stories of 1950: The O. Henry Awards, edited by Herschell Bricknell, Doubleday, 1950; The Literature of the South, edited by R. C. Beatty and others, Scott, Foresman, 1952; Stories from the Southern Review, edited by Cleanth Brooks and Robert Penn Warren, Louisiana State University Press, 1953; Prize Stories 1959: The O. Henry Awards, edited by Paul Engle, Doubleday, 1959; Prize Stories 1961: The O. Henry Awards, edited by Richard Poirier, Doubleday, 1961; Prize Stories 1965: The O. Henry Awards, edited by Poirier and William Abrahams, Doubleday, 1965; and The Sense of Fiction, edited by Robert L. Welker and Herschel Gover, Prentice-Hall, 1966.

Contributor of short stories to Sewanee Review, Virginia Quarterly Review, Kenyon Review, New Yorker, and numerous other journals.


  • Tennessee Day in St. Louis, Random House, 1959.
  • A Stand in the Mountains, published in Kenyon Review, 1965.
  • Presences: Seven Dramatic Pieces (contains “Two Images,” “A Father and a Son,” “Missing Person,” “The Whistler,” “Arson,” “A Voice through the Door,” and “The Sweethearts”), Houghton, 1973.
  • (Editor with Robert Lowell and Robert Penn Warren) Randall Jarrell, 1914-1965, Farrar, Straus, 1967.
  • (Editor) The Road and Other Modern Stories, Cambridge University Press, 1979.
  • Peter Taylor Reading and Commenting on His Fiction (audio tape), Archive of Recorded Poetry and Literature, 1987.

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