Katherine Ayres

The Works of Katherine Ayres

  • Family Tree (1996)
  • North by Night: A Story of the Underground Railroad (1998)
  • Silver Dollar Girl (2000)
  • Stealing South: A Story of the Underground Railroad (2001)
  • A Long Way (2003)
  • Macaroni Boy (2003)

American Girl Series

  • Voices at Whisper Bend
  • Wednesday Afternoon Girls
  • Shadows in the Glasshouse
  • Watcher in the Piney Woods
  • Under Copp’s Hill


  • “Runaways on the River,” Cricket Magazine, April 1994
  • “Dancing the Two-Step,” Stepfamilies, Spring 1994
  • “Cast of Characters (a child’s perspective),” Stepfamilies, Summer 1994
  • “Talking to the Dogs,” Pockets Magazine, May 1996
  • “The Visitor,” Spider Magazine, December 1997
  • “Welcoming Andrew,” Pockets Magazine, February 1998
  • “Sugar Peas,” Ladybug Magazine, May 1998
  • “A Long Way,” Ladybug Magazine, June 1998
  • “Who Needs a Bath?” Ladybug Magazine, May 1999
  • “Up, Down, Around and Around,” Ladybug Magazine, (pending)


  • “Park Amusements,” a one-act play set in Kennywood Park, 1969, explores the notion that things may get turned upside down in an amusement park. Produced by Studio Theatre, Inc., New York.
  • Change of Heart, the story of a woman who is terminally will with heart disease. The play explores the issue of transplant. Full production planned.
  • A Taste of Apples, a fictional look at the life of Louisa May Alcott (for adults).
  • “The Local,” a one-act farce suggests that anything can happen on a New York subway. Produced by Pittsburgh Public Theatre in its “Public Works” program 1998
  • “The Day Mare,” a play for children about three monsters who hide in a little boy’s closet because they are afraid of the light.

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